Prader-Willi Homes

Our homes are located in the peaceful community of Oconomowoc and neighboring townships. Each of our group homes provides a comfortable residential living environment with specialized support systems for each individual. The goal of all homes is to motivate our residents to strive towards their full potential and to achieve it.

We know that each individual needs to feel comfortable in their new home for it to be effective.  Residents are given the freedom to personalize their own room…creating a sense of comfort, personal identity, and individual pride in their new home.

Take a moment to walk through our family of homes and get a glimpse into what makes us different.

What Is A Typical Day In The Life Of A Resident At PWH?

What is surprising to many is that the lives of our residents are not much different from your own. They wake up in the morning, bathe, dress and head off for work or school just like you and I. In the evenings they relax, assist with household responsibilities, enjoy getting together with friends and participate in activities. The biggest difference is in the close monitoring of food and the ability of our staff to provide around-the-clock supports for each individual.


PWH WalkingActivities are a part of every normal life.  We feel they are a crucial element in building an enjoyable life as well as teaching our residents how to effectively handle everyday situations. From celebrating birthdays and holidays and enjoying a night out with friends, to cheering on the home team…activities at PWH are planned throughout the year with the involvement of the residents. Supervised daily and weekly activities, day outings, annual excursions and holiday celebrations help each person adopt a healthy, active and full lifestyle.