What our employees are saying

“The most rewarding aspect of my 20 years at PWHO, would have to be seeing the advancements in our client’s that I have worked with over the years. I have watched them take on challenge after challenge and succeed. They have grown, learned and made strides that was remarkable to be a part of. To help contribute to their quality of life as individuals in a “home” setting is very gratifying.”

-Michael P.


“Every day is unique and filled with new lessons. The most rewarding part is the relationships that you develop with the residents. When you can see how much they look up to you then you know you are truly making a positive impact in their lives.”

-Heather B.


I view life as a constant learning experience and I feel that P.W.H.O. has provided me with many opportunities to learn about myself and what is important to me.  Everyday I come to work there is a lesson to be learned; these lessons can be very rewarding or challenging. Working for P.W.H.O. has taught me skills that will stick with me my entire life and memories I will never forget.

-Sam S.