ORPWhen Andy first came to Prader-Willi Homes (PWHO), he was depressed, angry and dangerously over- weight, and he struggled to focus on anything other than food.Andy struggles with Prader-Willi Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes an insatiable appetite and life- threatening obesity, among other issues. What makes Andy and his family unique is that two of his other siblings have the same disorder, which makes his the only family in the world to have three children with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Since coming to PWHO, Andy has made remarkable progress. He has lost more than 80 pounds and is much healthier as a result. With extensive therapeutic supports, Andy’s frequent outbursts have decreased significantly. Andy’s caregiver, Laura, attributes his success to the environment PWHO creates for those who reside here.

“Environmental supports are key to their personal safety and success,” Laura said. “Individuals are able to learn daily life skills and ways to cope with their feelings, all in an environment that is free of temptation.”