Clinical Services Director    

Susan Morris holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a major in Social Work and a minor in Sociology. Her internship  was three-fold and included: working with the Women’s Center in Waukesha, WI at their shelter for battered women, working with the Legal Advocacy Program, and the “Nurture Program” for children birth-three. Susan continues to serve at UW-Whitewater as an Advisory Board Member to the Social Work Department.

Susan has been with Oconomowoc Residential Programs since May 1993, and she began her ORP career at ODTC. Her first two years at ODTC were spent as a Senior Youth Counselor.  In 1995, she joined the Social Services Department, where she remained until her transfer to PWHO in July of 2006.

Susan has developed knowledge and specific expertise with many of the Axis I diagnoses. She has worked with both children and adults. She helped create a Play Therapy Room, facilitated an ODTC Family Day, a PWHO square Dance, and co-facilitated Parent Mornings and After-School Group/Clubs. Susan has run a variety of client groups including: Personal Safety for Women, Peer Mediation, Young Adult Planning, AODA issue groups, relaxation/stress , Anger Management, and a Multi-cultural Group for teens in their “thundering years.” She has conducted agency trainings since 1996, as well as provided training in behavioral approaches and diagnoses to treatment teams.

Aspects of her job that are the most rewarding for her include helping the resident to tell their story and build off their strengths and natural resiliency, while helping them “bloom where they are planted.”

Keeping her busy outside of work is her husband and teenage daughter. Sue’s favorite book this year is “The Seven Pillars of Health.

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