Group Home Manager For Lang Home

Krissy LumbyKristine (Krissy) came to PWHO in October of 2012 as a Residential Counselor for Lang home. In July of 2013, Krissy transferred to Gatehouse as a one on one staff. Based on her background as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Krissy accepted addition medical responsibilities at the home. In July of 2014 Krissy was offered the Assistant manager position for Bradford Home, and happily accepted. Then in October of 2014, Krissy came full circle and accepted the manager position for Lang home.

Krissy has been working with individuals with disabilities for many years and has held several positions in this field before joining PWHO. From 2008-2011 Krissy owned an art gallery in downtown Waukesha, and taught art therapy classes to individuals with both cognitive disabilities as well as physical disabilities. After receiving her certified nursing assistant certification Krissy managed a group home for soldiers with disabilities and continues to do volunteer work in her community. Currently, Krissy is working hard to finish her degree in social work with a minor in psychology, and then go on to receive her masters.

 “I enjoy working with the individuals that we support, and they remind me everyday what a blessing it is to be here at PWHO. I take pride in knowing that I am helping both the residents, and their families, and I love to see the strides the residents make while being here. They influence me to be a better person and remind me everyday to keep my head up even in the toughest of situations.”

In her free time, Krissy enjoys spending time with her son and going on walks, especially in the fall (her favorite time of year). Krissy also enjoys reading a good book, listening to classic rock and watching the Packers!

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