From July 16th through August 15th the PWHO Art Club was featured at the local community art gallery of the Delafield Arts Center.

At-the-DAC--PWHO-Art-Club-gThis opportunity was impossible to pass up as it afforded the amazing artist of the PWHO Art Club an opportunity to share thier beautiful creative works, along with educating the community about Prader-Willi Syndrome. Among the things exhibited was the car made by the Hanson House residents, the pieces done with visiting artist Lynn Stull, the four- season clay mosaics done by the residents at Gate, and masks made by Doherty home and Stepping Stone residents. The Delafield Art Center’s mission is to “create, cultivate, collaborate, and share.” They warmly invited us to share our years of Art Club masterpieces and eagerly invited us back next year.

Art-Pic-3We also received gratitude for sharing our works from the community in our comment book and received interest in the purchasing of our art. Some of the comments that were made included, “This is an awesome show!! You are all to be congratulated on the color and excitement of this very creative display! Thanks for the joy!!” and “It was like walking in a magical space where all things are possible!” All Art Club participants should give themselves a big pat on the back for all of their excellent work and commendable creativity.  We are so proud of you!!!

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