With the assistance of the group home staff, residents may choose to receive services through our consulting physicians, or may choose from a variety of medical professionals within the community. All chosen medical professionals are given educational opportunities regarding PWS through consultation. PWHO also has a Registered Nurse and a Psychiatrist on staff that is available for consultation 24 hours a day. A consulting Psychologist is available, based on referral, for psychological testing or assessing the needs of the individual. Insurance coverage may limit access to some services and may require further planning to find alternative resources. Medical bills are not covered in the cost per diem and are the responsibility of the individual and/or funding source. The Group Home staff are responsible for scheduling appointments, and ensuring that all medical needs are addressed in a prompt and timely manner.  They are also responsible for seeing to routine medical care.  In some cases, families prefer to schedule their own annual and routine medical appointments in their own communities, with an ongoing provider.  In these cases, PWHO merely needs the medical information generated by such visits to be kept up to date on current medical status and issues.