Referrals and inquiries are frequently initiated by parents or guardians of individuals diagnosed with Prader-Willi syndrome. Formal referrals are also initiated by county/state Departments of Health and Social Services or state/local Education Agencies, who usually fund the placement. PWH accepts admissions from across the United States, accommodating numerous out-of-state residents. When a referral is made, PWH Admissions requests information related to the individual’s current skill level, medical needs, nutritional plan and weight management, challenging behaviors, social history, psychological/psychiatric diagnostic information, educational records/current IEP, and any other details pertinent in planning for the individual.

Upon receipt of preliminary records, PWH Admissions schedules a face-to-face interview with the potential resident and family. An onsite tour of the identified home is arranged. We recognize that on-site tours and interviews are ideal, but not always possible. If the family or potential resident are unable to travel, or referral is made from another state, an Admissions representative will travel and meet with all parties involved.

After the interview and tour are completed, a decision is made. All parties are notified regarding PWH’s ability to meet the individual’s needs. If the person’s needs can be met, a pre-admission packet is given to the parents, contract and funding mechanisms are secured by the formal placement agency, and an admission date is set.