PWH seeks to teach and enhance functioning skills to support an individual diagnosed with PWS in the least restrictive environment possible. The use of psychotropic medications is not our primary approach when it comes to dealing with challenging behaviors which disrupt the individual’s ability to integrate with others in a safe and therapeutic manner. However, some medications have proven to be exceedingly successful or necessary to ensure that a person is afforded the opportunity to achieve a more fulfilling quality of life.  PWH utilizes numerous approaches prior to or in combination with the use of psychotropic medications including Behavioral Support Plans, Behavioral Treatment Plans, House Motivational Programs, Functioning Analysis, and Sensory Integration. The decision to prescribe an individual with psychotropic medications is a course of action which includes the Family, House Support Staff, the individual, and the on staff Psychiatrist. If psychotropic medications are deemed necessary, the need for the medication(s) are reviewed and evaluated on a monthly basis or more often if the need arises.